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Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 02:52:38 BST

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    > Stars can indeed give rise to new stars in a predictable manner after
    > they slough off material in the red giant phase.

    Well, the metamorphosis of stars leads to varying degrees of stellar
    identity, white dwarves, blue giants, and some become others.

    Perhaps it's more a gender issue. That's hot these days.... (But do
    trannies evolve into their new presence?)

    > Culture is what causes the evolution of certain faculties

    Hmmm. Culture could more be the result and activities of certain
    faculties, which have emerged through evolution. Whether our culture is
    evolving is, IMHO, questionable, in that it seems to manifest itself in
    the same ways (clothing, behaviors, traditions, rituals, xenophobia,
    tribalism, burying practices, gods, etc.), and, while it is cocktail
    party pretty to speak of cultural evolution, I see it more specie
    specific, if it's there at all, and not just a longishly tethered item
    of genetic and environmental interaction, a la Wilson, who, also IMHO,
    would pummel Sheldrake in an instant.

    > another case of this misplaced misidentification of the effects of
    > culture.

    The forest is only a bunch of trees.

    - Wade

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