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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 12:20:33 BST

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    Hi Philip Jonkers -

    >Therefore, do you have access to solid arguments refuting the idea of
    >the evolutionary process yielding the emergence of stable particles
    >(proton,electrons, neutrons) immediately prior to the big bang instant?

    I ain't a cosmologist, like I said, but, as far as I know, there is no
    evidence of anything being around to evolve or not before the big bang.

    The definition of 'Big Bang' is the start of it all- time, space, and
    everything. Since protons and electrons and neutrons _have_ been shown to
    be sort of late-comers to the party (being preceded by the high-energetic
    heavy particles they broke off of), I'd have to wonder at your own level
    of argument- I'm only basing my 'claim' on the elementary discussions of
    the beginning of time and space in such places as Science and news
    articles, although they are based in discoveries coming from
    astrophysics, and as such could be said to be solid arguments.

    As for whether or not evolution plays any part in the formation of
    protons and electrons and neutrons, I still maintain it does not, any
    more than the music of the spheres has evolved to become morphic

    - Wade

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