Re: Logic + universal evolution

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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 11:33:25 BST

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    Subject: Re: Logic + universal evolution
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    Quoting "Wade T.Smith" <>:

    > On 08/07/01 13:05, Philip Jonkers said this-
    > >Well, the evolutionary generation of particles just prior to the
    > >big-bang instant I sketched just above.
    > I'm not a cosmologist, although I'd want to be one in another life if I
    > had the time to use one up, but, hey, there weren't nuthin' before the
    > big bang. And the particles what are here are a result of the
    > _deconstruction_ of the energy _afterwards_, not any sort of replication
    > of particles, but a breaking up of more cohesive, energetic, forms.

    How can you be so sure Wade that what you claim is true? I admit my story to be
    speculative, but yours has to be too, for obvious reasons. In fact, all
    scenarios about the origin of our universe necessarily have to be speculative
    since witnesses were absent. I may have missed something crucial over here.
    Therefore, do you have access to solid arguments refuting the idea of
    the evolutionary process yielding the emergence of stable particles
    (proton,electrons, neutrons) immediately prior to the big bang instant?


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