Re: Logic + universal evolution

From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 18:47:22 BST

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    On 08/07/01 13:05, Philip Jonkers said this-

    >Well, the evolutionary generation of particles just prior to the
    >big-bang instant I sketched just above.

    I'm not a cosmologist, although I'd want to be one in another life if I
    had the time to use one up, but, hey, there weren't nuthin' before the
    big bang. And the particles what are here are a result of the
    _deconstruction_ of the energy _afterwards_, not any sort of replication
    of particles, but a breaking up of more cohesive, energetic, forms.

    What we see out there are the bunches of pieces, all the king's horses
    and all the king's men, will never put together again.

    (Although we can fuse a few of them, locally, and make a reasonably large

    - Wade

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