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    Hi "Bill."

    > The scenario in human development goes something like this. The first
    > relevant distinction seems to be between family and strangers, who
    > provoke anxiety. The mother or caretaker provides a safe place, a home
    > base. The child begins to venture out into the world, frequently
    > returning to home base or looking at the mother (checking in). Then
    > rather suddenly the mother becomes the other, provoking anxiety, and
    > there is no home base. Since everything is other, there is an implicit
    > sense of self, but it is not developed. Shortly, however, the anxiety
    > lessens and a personal space, a new home base emerges. A sense of self
    > begins to develop.

    Yes, and that *sense* of self is not the same as the self itself. If
    "everything is other," then there's evidently already a self against which
    everything is contrasted.


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