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Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 19:38:09 BST

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    > Hi Vincent, Dace,
    > The problem is that the hypothetical
    > > > function of genes-- storage of design information-- is incompatible
    > > > their actual function, the complex interactions with proteins and with
    > > > each other that provide the ground floor of cellulary activity.
    > You're
    > > confusing the components with the end product. The genes do not,
    > > individually, store information about all the possible interactions with
    > > other genes need to create an organism.
    > << Vincent, I think to be aware to what Dace is aiming at, and in a
    > sense I understand his point of view.
    > To get an organism up from the ground floor in nine month the complex
    > interactions of genes are not compatable with their own contents, with
    > the actually information stored in them.
    > There is a gene to make you a eye, but there is no gene to make that
    > eye blue. That information is not in the gene. Where is it than !?
    > Somewhere in some interactions of some sort of genes !?
    > In a way, the components layed flat out on the ground can 't make the
    > whole, so what is needed for making up the whole !?
    > Interactions between genes !? Ok, which and how !?
    > In a sense, I think, Dace is aiming at a holostic existence of information
    > by which the whole finally can be made up.
    > In a way, hypothetical of course, he is aiming at the existence of infor-
    > mation on a level where it can exist as it were in a superposition,
    > an " expression- site " of the gene as you will.
    > Put in one more other way, he is tacklin' the Hard Problem _ what makes
    > us alive !?
    > I think....
    > Best regards,
    > Kenneth
    > ( I am, because we are) physiological processes

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