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Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 16:10:54 BST

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    Hi Vincent, Dace,

    The problem is that the hypothetical
    > > function of genes-- storage of design information-- is incompatible with
    > > their actual function, the complex interactions with proteins and with
    > > each other that provide the ground floor of cellulary activity.

    > confusing the components with the end product. The genes do not,
    > individually, store information about all the possible interactions with
    > other genes need to create an organism.

    << Vincent, I think to be aware to what Dace is aiming at, and in a
    sense I understand his point of view.
    To get an organism up from the ground floor in nine month the complex
    interactions of genes are not compatable with their own contents, with
    the actually information stored in them.
    There is a gene to make you a eye, but there is no gene to make that
    eye blue. That information is not in the gene. Where is it than !?
    Somewhere in some interactions of some sort of genes !?
    In a way, the components layed flat out on the ground can 't make the
    whole, so what is needed for making up the whole !?
    Interactions between genes !? Ok, which and how !?

    In a sense, I think, Dace is aiming at a holostic existence of information
    by which the whole finally can be made up.
    In a way, hypothetical of course, he is aiming at the existence of infor-
    mation on a level where it can exist as it were in a superposition,
    an " expression- site " of the gene as you will.
    Put in one more other way, he is tacklin' the Hard Problem _ what makes
    us alive !?
    I think....

    Best regards,


    ( I am, because we are) physiological processes

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