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Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 17:55:16 BST

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    Dear Joe and Vincent,

    > > Was there a "self" in the primordial soup? Isn't self a macguffin
    > > (Blackmore thinks it's a memetic macguffin, or more accurately concurs
    > > with Dennett's notion of the self as a benign user illusion).
    > >
    > > Vincent
    > >
    > Self is no macguffin; nether is it an illusion

    The sense of self arises from the formation of the Self-Other
    distinction. If it is memetic, then chimpanzees have memes, since they
    can recognize themselves in a mirror.

    But illusions of self do arise with thoughts such as "I might have been
    a giraffe." The "I" in that sentence is just a pronoun, not a self. ;-)



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