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    Vi ncent wrote
    >Punctuated equilibrium versus gradualism. Jumps in the fossil
    >record are difficult to genuinely assess given the extreme variability of
    >rates of fossilisation of different species. Remember, no-one had found a
    >coelacanth fossil younger than about 75 million years old, until one was
    >caught in fisherman's nets off the coast of Africa before WWII. Genuine
    >fits and starts in the fossil record appear to be largely due to manjor
    >environmental changes anyway.

    See Benton and Pearson, 2001 Speciaton in the fossil record Trends in Ecologyand Evolution Vol 16 7

    In pelagic sediments where the most continupus records are now available punctuation seems to be
    the dominant mode for more complex species. Gradual speciationn has been demonstrated in some
    planktonic diatoms. The link between punctuated cases and environmental stress is not ruled out.

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