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Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 20:46:40 BST

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    Hi Pascal Jouxtel -

    >Assuming that DNA (and with it the whole bio realm) is one piece in a chain
    >of successive replicators, preceeded by clay

    Life is, perhaps, the symptom we know of from our local replicators, but,
    that clay (the primordial soup, eh?) was, unfortunately for your poetic
    takeover of natural history, not a replicator.

    Clay is wet granulated rock.

    Very specific and special wet granulated rock, granted, but, rock

    Life and the organics are a special form of matter, and, to me so far at
    least, evolution is only sensible in this realm.

    There are processes and physics that matter does and that happen
    geologically, (like the formation of clay), but, replication is not one
    of them.

    Thus, there were no 'takeovers' before life got in the way.

    >(We animals might have been created by 'mother' earth as tools to
    >shape her into her future...)

    The Gaia hypothesis is prettily packaged, but, empty inside.

    - Wade

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