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Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 17:11:37 BST

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    Hi Wade and Philip. You treaded on :

    > >how do you account for the
    > >existence of the world?
    > Is evolution, as a process, applicable to the universe universally? I
    > Personally, I have no problem seeing it as a process of life, but, I
    > don't see the same connection with the other materials of this realm,
    > which can't really be said to replicate.

    This is one of the questions I most often think about, since I was
    acquainted to A.G.Cairns-Smith's hypothesis called the 'takeover' theory.
    He introduces a previous replicator consisting of clay cristals (clay and
    other mineral cristals as a self-replicating code, rivers and pool systems
    as entities...) This replicator would have acted as a scaffolding to the
    self reproducing organic architecture, without which the complete 'arch' of
    the protein macro-molecules could not have spontaneously emerged (or not so

    Assuming that DNA (and with it the whole bio realm) is one piece in a chain
    of successive replicators, preceeded by clay (what poetic inspiration for
    primitive men!) and followed by memes (which I reckon could stabilize in the
    form of neural nets, but I'm open to any better view) there is only one step
    to imagining that such a chain must have its origins somewhere.

    This hypothesis of mine is clearly represented on a sketch that I have
    posted here :
    If you wish to post back any drawing, sent it to

    I would really appreciate your opinions.

    - Can you imagine how many more takovers there could have been from the big
    bang to the 'genetic takeover' ?

    - Can you think of any mythological scheme that could fit with such a view ?

    - Did you notice that in each takeover, the 'lead' is taken over by what was
    formerly created as a tool by the older realm, to project itself into the
    future ? (We animals might have been created by 'mother' earth as tools to
    shape her into her future...)

    - Can you figure out what sort of takeover could happen after the one we are
    experiencing now (DNA --> meme) ?

    - Can you ever piss in a river again ?


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