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Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 11:52:48 BST

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    >>I'm sorry if this is source of confusion. I hope I can settle
    >> this once and for all. With `fittest' I do not
    >> mean to denote a species being superior in an absolute sense.
    >> More so in a relative sense instead. That is, I refer to
    >> the best adapted species compared to other species occupying
    >> the same positions in the food chain (better yet `food web'):
    >> peer-species, if you like. These are the species that compete
    >> one and other for the resources they are designed for to exploit
    >> by evolution (not creation!). Species taking no part in this
    >> relative struggle are bound to be engaged in other struggles.
    >> Each of these struggles, local competitions, has a winner
    >> : this is what I meant with the `fittest'.

    > There are two possible meanings here:
    > 1) those that are able to horn in on the most expansive niche, and
    > 2) those who are able to most securely glue themselves to a
    > disputed niche.
    > Which is under dispute?

    I can't tell, please elaborate on the distinction between these
    niches. I'll reply afer the weekend though...


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