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Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 14:53:15 BST

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    Quoting "Wade T.Smith" <>:

    > Hi Philip -
    > >how do you account for the
    > >existence of the world?
    > Is evolution, as a process, applicable to the universe universally?
    > I wonder.
    > Personally, I have no problem seeing it as a process of life, but, I
    > don't see the same connection with the other materials of this realm,
    > which can't really be said to replicate.

    Sorry, I've been rather sloppy. I mean `living world'.
    While we're at it: There are evolutionary theories on the
    universe going around too. The one formulated by physicist
    Lee Smolin is particularly charming.
    However, no matter how plausible they may all seem, it will
    always be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to confirm
    them empirically.

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