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    Hi Philip Jonkers -

    >Also it does `separate wheat from the chaff' if I correctly
    >understand your niche.

    What I meant was, it maintains useless entities, like appendixes. What we
    are is a build upon what came before, since it is a process.

    A good designer removes unnecessary things- starting from the design
    specs, not the present model.

    >Of all the macro-species, humans came out as winners in the
    >rat-race called biological evolution.

    But that's not proving anything. Yes, we're doing great in these present
    conditions, and we can do great in a handy lot of conditions, but, we're
    just as vulnerable as anything else, and a deal more vulnerable to
    environmental change than, say, ants. Mammals were a thin sort of niche,
    anyway, once upon a time.

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