Re: Memes and Archetypes

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Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 22:33:46 BST

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    Hi Julio,
    you should definitely get in touch with Daniel Cordonnier, a Swiss
    psychologist with whom I had some conversations about that. And some more of
    these conversations (memes and Jungian archetypes) were also held between
    me and myself, while I was reading his book 'Le pouvoir du miroir'.
    But Daniel can tell you more. I can tell you there is definitely some things
    to be said.
    Just as we talk, I remember that Coupland, in his novel 'microserfs', has a
    lexicon in the end, in which he defines 'memes' as 'psychological
    archetypes' . You have to check the original, because this is french
    translation translated back to english !

    Glad if I can help.

    Salut, Daniel : le bureau des contagions t'envoie un garçon qui cherche des
    lumières. Attention, ceci est une liste de discussion. Verifie bien si tu
    répond à Julio, et pas à toute la liste. La liste sera
    très intéressée, de toute façon, bien qu'ils ne soient pas tous 'fluent' en

    A bientôt. Restons en contact !

    A bientot sur / see you soon on
    Tell your friends / parlez-en à vos amis
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    Subject: Memes and Archetypes

    > Hello All!
    > I'm working on a dissertation that has led me to consider what,
    > if anything, can be said about a possible relationship between memes and
    > Jungian archetypes. I would greatly appreciate hearing your opinions on
    > this matter. If you all know of anybody working on this idea, or any
    > scholarship that is out there, please email me (and share it with the
    > list as well!). Thanks in advance.
    > Sincerely,
    > Julio Varela

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