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Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 12:20:37 BST

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    > "Logic" in my view isn't a meme, as it's a way of thinking.

    Well, Vincent as you might know, one of the shocking but
    strictly honest and rational implications of memetics
    is that thinking itself is largely governed by memes. A way of
    thinking is equivalent to an adopted memeplex at work.
    > Can logic be transmitted? Perhaps the idea of logic can be,
    > but the thing
    > itself IMHO cannot.

    I contend that logic constitutes a vast legacy of memes,
    e.g. mathematics. Logic itself cannot be propageted all at once,
    of course, but its memetic elements can.
    Logical ideas or elements are highly successful memes simply
    because they work! Nature works logical. To have access to
    logic means being able to anticipate and explain nature and thus
    increase your well being (e.g. technology, science). In the e
    arly days this would have been, chances of survival (e.g.
    anticipation of natural disasters, enemy movement, foodprocessing).

    I hope you've read my first response Vincent.

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