Re: Memetic vulnerability: was: Faking It

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Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 19:41:24 BST

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    Subject: Re: Memetic vulnerability: was: Faking It
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    Subject: RE: Memetic vulnerability: was: Faking It

    > Interesintg point. I forget the author's name, but I think the book was
    > called something like 'The Nuture Assumption' where the argument was that
    > children's behavioural/attitudinal characteristics are more heavily
    > influenced by their peers than their parents, that would seem to support
    > such a view. Perhaps kin selection in nature, should be replaced by peer
    > selection in culture? Certainly we know that cultural transmission is not
    > only vertical, but an be horizontal, and oblique (the term Dugatkin uses)
    > the sense that people entirely unrelated to us in any way may transmit
    > behaviours to us. There does seem some evidence in youth culture that
    > oblique transmission at least appears to be more powerful than vertical
    > transmission from parents (the kind of transmission that dominates people
    > like Cavalli-Sforza's notions of cultural evolution).

    << The author's name is Judith Harris.
    Great book ! Seems to indicate that groupbehavior is far more important
    than what parents think they teach their chilren.
    The question is of course, who will built your personality if one, you
    don 't belong to one or any other peer group and (2) you lost your parents
    Mememtic Engineering on a personal level !?



    ( I am, because we are) no peer, no kin

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