Re: Memetic vulnerability: was: Faking It

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 14:56:31 BST

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    Subject: Re: Memetic vulnerability: was: Faking It
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    From: Chris Taylor <>
    > The meme already thrives but is not yet determinated.
    > And yes, already niches are occupied by it in the present but for all
    > already in the future too.
    > And yes, adaptive forces are all already working by and on it, already
    > present ( and future ) memes change by the meme's not yet deter-
    > minated presence !?

    Good point - future memes evolving into niches created with the current
    meme set. This is fundamentally what our brains are there for IMHO -
    prediction from realistic modelling reusing past experience. Not just
    experience though - biases, imagined things, guesses (reapplying a meme
    in a new context), lies from others etc.. That's where the problems

    Hi Chris,

    << Our brain makes new pictures out of old and new images in order to
    give us a full image of what supposingly is reality !?
    This boils down to the theory of a Mind's Eye.
    " ...nothing in the world is simply there; it all has to be pieced together
    by the brain " , says Susan Greenfield.

    This comes down to the suggestion " that what is within the brain IS reality
    and therefor one theory suggests " that we use our memories to see as
    much as our eyes. Our brain makes it so that we guess much of what we
    seeing based on experience rather than reproccing everything each time."

    Another way is to appeal for Solipsism.
    See List- Archives KVO " Solipsistic View on Memetics ".
    And the problems starts when our perception invents/ ignores/ rebuilts and
    distorts events which we all take illusionary for granted !!

    This is a thread I really like....

    Best regards,


    ( I ma, because we are) aspects of brain functions

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