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Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 10:01:28 BST

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    From: Vincent Campbell <>
    > If I can link this comment to your response to Chris where you mention
    > racism, again whilst there are differences in the details of particular
    > racisms, there are surely underlying commonalities to beliefs in order for
    > them to be called racist in the first place? These would include the
    > discrimination against a particular group of people due to them being of a
    > different ethnic or national origin.

    Hi Vincent,
    Thanks for the responses.
    Here are mine to yours,

    << First in addition, what racism stands for nowadays, is more than just
    discrimination due to people being of a different ethnic or national origin
    Also, religion, language, gender, unemployment etc. are " new added
    levels " whereby people get discriminated. In a sense, the wide variety of
    what was known as features of discrimination has been changed/
    empowered/ enforced, amplified into elements of racism. Culture changes..

    But back to your comment.
    Yes, there are surely underlying commonalities to beliefs in order for them
    to be called racist in the first place.
    Like I said in my addition- bit, features of discrimination changed into
    elements of racism. How come !? Because in the shivered cultural/ social
    environment the underlying commonalities has been changed from groups
    of people to more ' individualistic ' differencies.
    In a sense, we are beyond the period of gang vs gang; group vs group_
    now it is individual vs individual and groups of individuals vs groups of
    individuals whereby the selection - bits of discrimination against a parti-
    cular group changed into discrimination against or a racistist attack on
    a particular individual. ( The principle is that many crimes has no face
    anymore, so people pick one out, the scape- goat- principle.)

    But that is not the full picture_ if you got work, so in a way you got no
    trouble if the unemployment rates show that they were on the increase,
    due to the high amount of unemployed foreigners. But working people
    do throw names at alien- folk !
    Why !? The very processes of related memetic- structures will have their
    effect. Memeplexes of insecurity, fear, mistrust, faith, politics, ignorance
    already infected the system.

    And we are not obscuring the underlying pattern, just the opposite is true!
    Not all of the reasons why racism occurs are unique. They are in fact
    all entangled into the underlying basics of our very own personal and
    social life.
    By analysing those very underlying basics ( nationalism, faith, culture,
    proud, genetics,...) we will be able, not to find the very origin of racism,
    but to find ways to fight against it !

    And in a way, already new racialist- memes thrives:- genetic defects,
    bodyweight, poverty, having no access to information, having no access
    to the Net,..are already occupying niches in the future_ and we don 't
    know if those memes will eventually and actually will survive.
    But the concept of racism will be there in the future created with memes
    of the current sets and is already evolving... because nearby concepts are
    adding constantly new elements by which people can " attract " racialist
    reasons from.

    Would knowing that be enough as value !?

    Best regards,


    ( I am, because we are) all the same

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