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    >From: <>
    >Subject: Re: sidents
    >Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 14:32:37 -0500
    > > ... we in Florida have several invasive
    > > plant species (eg- australian "pine" and melaleuca) which they can
    > > come and take back any time they'd like ;-) They also share a problem
    > > that we have with "marine toads" or "cane toads".
    > >
    >Several years ago, everyone was worrying about the walking catfish
    >invasion here (I'm in Florida, too), but I don't hear much about them
    >any more.
    I'm not familiar with the walking catfish invasion of Florida. In one
    respect walking catfish are cool because they are weakly analogous to the
    forms which made the transition from "fish" to "amphibians" (or the piscine
    to tetrapod transition?) way back when.
    >Whatever happened with them?
    >I AM concerned about a possible piranha transplantation.
    > >
    Do you remember the rumors of piranhas being found in some Florida waterways
    back in the late 70's or there abouts? If anything substantive it probably
    shows how the exotic pet trade can impact local ecosystems. I'm actually
    more concerned with the shark problem we seem to be having on our shores
    lately. Bull sharks have featured quite prominently.

    Ah, I can remember all them fish exploitation movies I grew up with
    featuring menacing sharks, piranhas and barracudas. They got lots of mileage
    out of "Jaws". Didn't the vengeful mechanical ersatz shark follow the Brody
    clan to the Bahamas in the last installment? The marine park centered "Jaws
    3" was horrible and far fetched enough. They should have ended it when the
    roboshark clamped down on an underwater cable in "Jaws 2".

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