RE: Memetic vulnerability: was: Faking It

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Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 13:41:05 BST

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    On 07/20/01 06:39, Vincent Campbell said this-

    >Incidentally, as an aside, I wanted to ask our US colleagues about Survivor,
    >which has completely bombed in the UK

    The usanian original bombed on this side of the pond in this cranium as
    well. I didn't bother with any of it. I expressed my low appreciation of
    other's taste who did watch it, and with few exceptions, no-one in my
    small circle of acquaintances paid it any mind at all, more wondering why
    the whole concept was attractive in the first place.

    But then, like that party you have to be happy at, I've always been wary
    of fads, of any kind. I was born an iconoclast.

    I did get through the first three of the Harry Potter books, though.

    - Wade

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