Re: Memetic vulnerability: was: Faking It

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Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 10:18:25 BST

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    From: Wade T.Smith <>

    > Kenneth Van Oost -
    > >Racism is the (a) 'true centre' of a system, its central point.
    > I've always assumed tribalism was more of the center - territorialism.
    > And I've come to this mostly because animals don't give too much of a
    > shit about things other than their local turf, and because the outsider
    > is usually an enemy. So the tribe is the important family to protect, and
    > one's location in the tribe is ego territory.
    > But, it is a big, innate, mix.
    > Evolution and culture feeds it all as well as demanding most of the table.

    Hi Wade,
    Just in addition to what I wrote yesterday.

    The same conceptual framework as for racism can be applied here,
    likewise for tribalism and for territoralism !
    If we abstract tribalism and we investigate all what is possible and all
    what probably is locked up into it, we find the following possible ele-
    ments:- war; religion; history; patriaism/ strong cultural, linguistic,
    tical and territorial unified relationships.

    Also all of the cultural- antropological ideas, thoughts and writings etc
    are getting included.
    All of these differs specific and therefor IMO, each occupies its own
    ' special ' niche.
    It is like seeing a pyramid upside down, the point is the centre whereout
    everything starts, the base represents what we know now about it.
    The stone are the blocks of information.



    ( I am, because we are)

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