Re: Memetic vulnerability: was: Faking It

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Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 21:08:22 BST

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    Hi Wade,

    Hope my post to Chris Taylor makes my view clearer.
    But even so, IMO, thinking about an subject like racism in an
    abstract way, changes somewhat somewhere something in reality.
    You are right of course, saying, that the setting is gone by changing
    one small item of the system.

    And each time that counts, IMO for a new meme.
    There is no ' one and only ' meme for racism, there are so many memes
    about racism as they were people.
    And there are so many angles of incidence by which racism can be
    cleared or can be explained as there were notions of nationalism,
    proud, nation, culture, prejudice, ....

    Racism is the (a) ' true centre ' of a system, its central point.
    Nationalism, country, proud, etc are ' co- operative ' elements, by which
    racism can be enforced, amplified,etc or vice versa.
    The last element of the concept are those who ' drive along with '. Those
    elements are not really a part of the concept racism, but drive along
    as a " circumstance ". ( Like the notion whereby a Marokkian drugs-
    dealer get shot by the police, but where the Marokkian community sees
    a racial attack on an unarmed, defenceless kid. _ Racism comes around
    the corner where in the first place it was not.)

    Best regards,

    I wrote, you wrote,
    > >Once a meme is set
    > Ah, but that's momentary and environmental, this 'set' of which evolution
    > must speak. Change one thing, even time, and the setting is gone.
    > >each time that counts for a new meme.
    > Time marches on.
    > That ain't your grandfather's meme.

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