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Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 12:26:34 BST

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    Face on Mars:

    It spawned a movie - Mission to Mars (crap apart from Tim Robbin's
    'death by physics' bit). frankly though, anyone who's seen the more
    recent photies, lit from another angle, would have to be mad to continue
    to think it. The moon one is trickier, because some of the lighting does
    seem to come from several sources, and launching a Saturn 5 with noone
    on it is a bloody good way to scare the Reds even if you can't get to
    the moon, so I think that one will run a bit. The Bilderbergers have
    basically admitted that they meet and asked what the problem is. The
    only ones left I still buy are the two Kennedy ones. More so RFK than
    JFK. I want a week or two alone with Sirhan (who is still alive and in

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