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Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 21:01:13 BST

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    From: Chris Taylor <>

    ......but I have to admit I was intrigued by the pyramid
    thing; not that I swallow his version wholesale, it's just that I wasn't
    overly convinced that everything had been explained by the opposition -
    and remember Moses (another middle class revolutionary) came from Egypt
    into history - with a little help from Santorini.

    Hi Chris,

    << No thanks, it was my pleasure all along !!
    And yes, the reason why I dive into such things too is my profound doubt
    that everything has been or can be explained.

    With modern scientific insights we could re- interpretate the Bible if we
    would like.
    For example, the visions Jesus or some of his followers had, can be
    explained as consequences of a lack of water, food,.. walking in the
    desert is no good for your health you know.
    Even with a little bit of luck we could be tempted to say that Christ
    had a Near- Death- Experience. He saw " God " and came back from
    the death with a story about a wonderful world and an afterlife.
    And anyone in those days would have believe it,...
    ( By the way, that is my idea,....)

    Does anyone know of similar antecedents of Islam?

    << I am not so deep in Islam, but I have here before me a preview about
    a book called " Islamitic Philosophy, a history " ( translated title)
    the writer Michiel Leezenberg ( a Dutchman) argues that Islamitic thought
    is not that different from our Western thinking.
    After all, he argues, the themes which Islamitic philosophy claim their own
    are the same which we do talk about.
    That is not so strange as it seems, because the old Greek philosophy is
    a very important source for Islamitic thinking.
    " Without the Greek philosophy the Islamitic thought is not possible ".

    Further, Plato and Aristoteles are part of their philosophical tradition,
    and in part the stoical logic has its traces into the juridical and

    So, in a sense you can say the same antecedents are part of Islam, but
    I don 't think that Islam is a continuation of what in Egypt was a religion.

    Best regards,


    ( I am, because we are) not that religious

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