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    Doesn't this all fall down on the pyramids in fact not being on the same
    alignment as Orion's belt?

    I saw a programme about this, now notorious for reasons I'll come to,
    looking at the theories of Graham Hancock, another of these
    pseudo-historians. It was a Horizon programme, that famously had to be
    re-edited and re-shown, for the first time in its history, after Hancock
    complained to the Broadcasting Standards Commission that he'd been
    misrepresented. Basically the programme had slated his ideas, but he had
    answers to a couple of the points put to him that weren't screened. He has
    a website where he gloats about this, but ignores all the perfectly
    reasonable objections to his wacky ideas.

    He basically believes in an ancient global civilisation that existed about
    12,000 years ago, that left it's legacy in surviving ancient civilisations.
    Loopy, I know. One of the arguments rests on interpreting the alignment of
    the pyramids, and where sunrise would have been in 10,000 BC. The programme
    showed expert egyptologists explaining that the reason that the third
    pyramis is offline with the other two is basically to do with the quality of
    the ground, having been heavily quarried and disturbed for the first two,
    the ground on the alignment was unstable (there were other bits I can't
    quite remember that were straightforward archaeological explanations, that
    don't require a global civilisation 7,000 years before the pyramids). Also,
    more damningly perhaps, is that their alignment is often reported to be
    "exactly" the same as Orion's Belt, but is isn't, they are IIRC something
    like 12 degrees out, which is a hell of a lot for a civilisation able to
    build pyramids to be wrong by.

    One of the things I'd really like to do in the long run is a study of these
    pseudo-historians (there's another pair who think the Holy Grail is in Renne
    Le Chateux in France, under a mountain).


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    > Hi Chris and all,
    > Btw I'm interested in your other info on Christianity - I'd certainly
    > never heard the Qumran one before (and I plan to read around it a bit -
    > all that fascinates me - like the similarities between Gilgamesh and the
    > Old Testament for example).
    > This is a very simplistic version of the facts,
    > The story begins with a controverse_ place the constellation Orion above
    > the great pyramids of Egypt and you will get a perfect match.
    > The pyramids were built in a such a way that they represent Orion flat out
    > upon the ground. That is, what is represented is an image of what the
    > sky looked like about 10.000 or 15.000 years ago.
    > The theory goes that the pyramids were not only used as tombs but were
    > in fact temples for an ancient belief.
    > Isis, goddess of fertility, moongoddess, goddess of the Nile, was
    > worshiped
    > because she made the yearly floods of the Nile possible.
    > The floods begin as the first star of Orion reaches just above the
    > horizon.
    > At the top the three stars of the constellation are above the horizon with
    > the star Sirirus as their longlife compagnian.
    > Much about how Isis and her husband and brother Osiris were worshiped
    > is not know and out of what the religion consisted is up to today a kind
    > of mistery.
    > But the pre- assumption is that both Isis and Osiris were honoured like
    > they were a reincarnated godlike couple.
    > The striking parallels with Christianity are the following. The best
    > guide-
    > line is the book of Matthew, in which the life and works of Josef and
    > Mary are written down, also the escape to Egypt, the Three wise man,etc.
    > The claim is that Christianity is in fact a kind of continuation of what
    > in Egypt was their religion. Christianity would be in fact a Mystical
    > Adaptation of an old story.
    > You don 't have to very clever to see that in fact the Three wise man,
    > were chasing the star Sirirus across its journey thru ' the sky on their
    > quest to find Jesus.
    > Josef and Mary are in fact Osiris and Isis, Jesus is Horus, the son of
    > Isis and Osiris. The escape to Egypt is in fact a confirmation of the
    > bound between Christianity and Egypt.
    > Just like it is written down in the Bible, the old Egyptian people were
    > confronted with their god on a day of Judgement, where Osiris was
    > dressed up in a golden garment,the resemblance with what is know
    > from Christianity ( God sits in a dazzling light) is striking.
    > Horus, the son, was born after Osiris died, out of sperm where with
    > Isis inpregnated herself, the resemblance of the immaculation of Mary
    > is again striking.
    > The story continues with the claim that the old Egyptian religion went
    > underground after a few decades of poor harvests, and after and of
    > course the power of the farao's declined.
    > But is a sense it stayed on, as a gnostic movement.
    > Remerber, the first Christians we know of lived their lives in the dark,
    > in caves and holes far away from the common life, in order to profess
    > their religion.
    > In a way, the Death-Sea-Roles are their legacy, and in a sense the
    > controverse about how the investigation is done into the Roles would be
    > a conspiracy in order to eliminate the old Egyptian influence out of
    > Christianity.
    > But the mainstream of the faith, the old Egyptian story, lived on thru '
    > the centuries like a popular belief. This version was in direct
    > competition
    > with what was than know as " Christianity ".
    > The battle between the " die hards " ( the gnostic movement, but in a
    > sense the popular version of the facts) was settled once and for all by
    > Emperor Augustinius, I belief, who choose the side of the new version.
    > Christianity as we know it was a fact.
    > But the gnostic movement lived on. Even after high ranked members
    > were burned alive ( Bruno was one) the version stayed on.
    > This version went on to become the backbone of what is know now
    > as the Cathars and Rosicruanism.
    > But the real discovery would be that in fact the old Egyptian belief
    > was in a sense based upon a notion of freemasonry.
    > Look at old pictures of the founders of the USA, ( Washington and
    > Jefferson) , upon their clothing freemasonry symbols are attached.
    > Still, each time a new president is sworn in, he does something with
    > his hand, a symbol of freemasonry, Napoleon did it too.
    > Symbols of the ancient belief are still around today, look at a 5 dollar
    > note, I belief, look at the backside. A picture of a eye placed inside
    > a triangle is visible, and the whole thing represents a ' breech- block '
    > of a pyramid.
    > Hope this helps Chris !!
    > In a memetic sense, quit a story !!
    > Best regards,
    > Kenneth
    > ( I am, because we are) guess !
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