driving soap and tennis razors

From: Andrew S. LORD(SED) (A.S.Lord@shu.ac.uk)
Date: Sat Jul 14 2001 - 14:42:06 BST

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    Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 14:42:06 +0100
    Subject: driving soap and tennis razors
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    ><< Just a short comment,
    >Wouldn 't it be just a daft idea to ever think that using one special kind
    >razor would improve your tennis !?
    >Or if ever Shumacher advertises for a special kind of soap would I be
    >a better driver !?
    >In a rational way of speaking, believing in such nonsense makes me
    >wonder about a lots of people state of mind,...
    >On the other hand, great subject to dive memetically into though !!
    >Best regards,
    obviously a particular kind of soap cant directly improve your driving (unless it was impregnated
    with some neurotransmitter enhancing substance or something) that would be irrational.
    then again, in my experience, there seems to be only a minor overlap between rationality and human
    many of the limitations to human capability are results of self-imposed or mediated (memetic)
    belief systems imposed by our culture.
    some of these are so deeply imprinted that we never conciously challenge them - it is a daft idea
    to think of a special tennis razor in logical terms.

    the point is that logic has nothing to do cuturally imposed limitations or overcoming them.
    it is possible that though imitating role models (adoping as many behavioural patterns as possible)
    that actual limitations can be summounted and skills acquired

    i often wonder (and worry) about peoples state of mind. mainly my own ;)


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