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Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 21:09:41 BST

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    Hi Vincent, Philip and Lawrence
    Thanks for the comments.

    > Very interesting, but I can't help being a bit sarcastic in saying
    > there's very little ideologically different between the Republicans and
    > Democrats, and I didn't think there were any left-wing people in America
    > (apart from Noam Chomsky and Warren Beatty) so maybe other factors account
    > for these differences. (Maybe the Republicans are all feeling increasingly
    > guilty about voting for Bush?)
    > The study clearly needs to spread out and include Greens and Militia
    > types for example, to see if the pattern persists. I would in fact expect
    > the more ideological and radical people, on both left and right, to have
    > more nightmares, either through persistent stress over the state of the
    > world and/or paranoia about the state of the world.

    << I agree with all three comments.
    Just this sprung to mind,
    I kinda agree with the fact that conservatives do have more nightmares,
    just because the stresses are in a sense harder to eliminate.
    That is, conservatives want to keep the world like it is, and IMO that
    asks for more efforts than building a world for the future.Progressism,
    in one other word, Democracy, is appealing for people because it gives
    them something to look forward at, something hopeful is involved.
    In most of todays societies the nostalgy for the past is associated with
    And in a way todays people ignore tradition, history and values.

    Todays conservatism is more like a contra- revolution.
    They don 't want to return to the dark ages, but re- instore tradition and
    values. That would just work fine if not that was just Heidegger, Nietzsche,
    Jaspers, Huizinga and Splenger wrote about and was misused by
    National- Socialism.
    I wonder, does the Pope sleep at all !?

    Ps, Philip, my philosophical stance is an extented one of what Descartes
    wrote ( I think, therefor I am).
    I kinda agree on that still ( Descartes clearded the way for extreme
    indiviualism by saying that) but nowadays who we are is more of a
    mixture of what people make of us.
    In Dutch, Ik ben, omdat wij allen " samen " Zijn.
    English, I am, because we are all " together ", individualism is hard to

    And I like to smile too, so I ever try to extend my signature with something
    regarding the thread...
    Just a way to be an individual....

    Best regards,


    ( I am, because we are) stress- less

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