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Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 20:33:45 BST

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    Hi Andrew,
    You wrote,

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    Subject: Re: RE: It's an ad, ad, ad world (does it ever end?)

    > there is the possibility that using a particular kind of razor will
    actually improve your tennis!
    > in hypnotherapy terms, such hero worship is a type of informal deep trance
    identification (DTI)
    > whereby emulating someone (wanting their particular skill set for what it
    can get for you) confers
    > behavioural resonance at an other than concious level. Imitating their
    cues, habbits and
    > life-styles (being just like them) provides a richer/holistic model of
    their strategies which can
    > lead to develping their capabilites to a greater extent.
    > the question then is, do i want to be good at tennis and does Agassi use
    that kind of razor (or a
    > strimmer)

    << Just a short comment,

    Wouldn 't it be just a daft idea to ever think that using one special kind
    razor would improve your tennis !?
    Or if ever Shumacher advertises for a special kind of soap would I be
    a better driver !?
    In a rational way of speaking, believing in such nonsense makes me
    wonder about a lots of people state of mind,...
    On the other hand, great subject to dive memetically into though !!

    Best regards,


    ( I am, because we are) just believers like all the rest

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