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Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 17:04:55 BST

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    there is the possibility that using a particular kind of razor will actually improve your tennis!
    in hypnotherapy terms, such hero worship is a type of informal deep trance identification (DTI)
    whereby emulating someone (wanting their particular skill set for what it can get for you) confers
    behavioural resonance at an other than concious level. Imitating their cues, habbits and
    life-styles (being just like them) provides a richer/holistic model of their strategies which can
    lead to develping their capabilites to a greater extent.

    the question then is, do i want to be good at tennis and does Agassi use that kind of razor (or a

    in answer to Vincent's question - out of the stouts i do prefer guiness - especially when in dublin
    (where its a bylaw that you have to drink the stuff) and after reading the mailings and listening
    to an advert on the radio, i found myself looking longingly at the guiness tap at the pub last
    night - and suddently realising why. Advertisers call this "front of mind" whereby snap purchasing
    descisions are based on prominant asociations reinforced by jingles or slogans. (example - think of
    a soft drink - not that one, think of the real thing.)

    Interestingly, these ads do win awards - like the famous advert featruing leonard rossiter and joan
    collins - most people remember it for advertising martini when actually it was advertising cinzano


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