Re: It's an ad, ad, ad world (does it ever end?)

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Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 15:30:06 BST

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    There's definitely something to the endorsement thing (stating the
    obvious is a speciality of mine I fear). What I mean is that we are
    association machines; our special skill is to be able to remember what
    preceded some event, in order to analyse causes after finding out the
    consequences (e.g. what did I just eat before I got sick, was there any
    give away smell etc. I could look for to stop other leopards attacking
    me in the future, and so on). This is abused by ad people who show us
    people we admire and would possibly emulate, but they're never so bold
    as to say you will be that person, only that you'll get a bit closer to
    what they are if you do similar things, exploiting our associative

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