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Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 13:49:02 BST

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    On 07/12/01 06:16, Vincent Campbell said this-

    >Take Marks & Spencer (a major high street chain of department stores in the
    >UK), which has been suffering significantly reduced profits over the last
    >few years.

    As long as we're on the subject of stores in britain, do you know about
    Wade Smith, in Liverpool? I wonder if I should sue for name

    >Besides the basic point about advertising is that at best they are preaching
    >to the converted.

    True enough. (Most preachers are making the same mistake.)

    >But they aren't
    >going to make people like me, who can't stand stout, drink it.

    But, if you were thinking of trying a stout, for whatever reason, I do
    think Guinness would be your choice, simply for name recognition. (What
    stout _did_ you try, to convince yourself you don't like it?) Admittedly,
    in britain, there are other stouts available, and here, on the forgotten
    side of the pond, Guinness was the only stout, and we didn't have
    neighborhood, or even metropolitan, microbreweries (you call 'em pubs, I
    understand), to offer us anything else. Now, there are a number of stouts
    available, but, yeah, I still prefer Guinness from the tap if I can get
    it. But, hell, there really are too many beers and too little time.

    >currently if you don't advertise at all, then maybe no-one will become aware
    >of your product and it will fail that way, even if it's good.

    An interesting product (within my limited awareness) recently, perhaps
    worthy of some study, and its peak may have passed, is 'Niagra' a soft
    drink produced in Europe and marketed thru a web site and word of mouth.
    It is hovering on a notoriety gained by a supposed elevated libido effect
    that it has. Sex usually sells.... Robin, you there?

    - Wade

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