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    On 07/12/01 05:21, Chris Taylor said this-

    >Robin presents an interesting case - the small businessman who keeps a
    >very close watch on his ads' effects;

    Small businesses don't (usually) produce 30 second television
    commercials, or full page advertisements, or endpage magazine spreads, or
    even billboards, or even spend much time with advertising agencies. They
    use mailings and placements in directory and trade outlets, where the
    customer is (usually) primed to accept new information, and is in fact
    perusing that particular source in search of new contacts and products.
    Not that the big boys don't use the same, they do, with their normal and
    splashy ads.

    I remember a study of mail solicitations as concluding that each
    potential client needs an average of seven mailings before a response is
    expected, making mailings not a trivial expense whatsoever for a small
    business, not to mention the usual office overheads or the cost of that
    mailing list in the first place. Taking as close a look at your responses
    from advertising and other marketing tools would only seem like cogent
    and practical business acumen.

    - Wade

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