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Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 17:25:10 BST

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    Hi Vincent Campbell -

    >Of course all these desperate efforts from advertisers to gain our attention
    >is simply more evidence that advertising doesn't work the way they'd like to
    >believe it does.

    Not that it don't work at all- simply knowing that something new is
    available for a need that the old versions and brands didn't fill too
    well is why I find myself trying recently introduced and advertised

    (Of course, I also have, and have always had, thanks be to my sainted
    mum, who many years ago warned me of the evils of advertising, a strict
    rule to boycott, in my individual and paltry way, any product whose
    advertising is false, ugly, or annoying. Plus, due to sheer economic
    reasons, I tend to purchase generics....)

    Thus, if I'm dissatisfied with the performance of a product, I'm in
    'search' mode for a replacement, and at this point, advertising will
    affect me. And, tangentially, if I'm happy with a product, I might try a
    variation of it- like a new version of a favorite cereal. But, in almost
    all instances, I'm in a 'search' mode for these items.

    And once found and enjoyed, a product becomes an object of loyalty. I
    will look very carefully for a bottle of Moxie in a store, a product
    which, in this day, has no advertising at all. And when I smoked
    cigarettes, I waded through (yeah, I use that word as a non-name
    sometimes too...) a myriad of cigarette advertising every minute of every
    day, oblivious to all of them, because I would walk a mile for a Camel.

    All of this meandering, while attempting to underscore Vincent's point,
    may also point out that perhaps I am not your typical consumer.

    - Wade

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