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Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 16:59:11 BST

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    Is it not just that the complexity (both in parts and over time) of
    classical music requires more 'space' than throwaway stuff. Imagine you
    were somehow trying to represent the music in dance - the classical
    would require more space and dancers (probably) than the pop. Therefore
    if you are severely reduced in brain function, you have less free space
    in your mind, so classical just passes you by, while you can still
    become engaged with pop. This effect could also be about modelling and
    predictability (much of our motivation for listening to music) - to
    model/predict pop takes much less effort (the possible variants are
    limited). This could also explain why all the stuff I listen to (Floyd,
    Zep etc. - the 'dinosaurs') doesn't appeal as widely (although I'm open
    to other reasons on that one...).

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