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Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 12:37:09 BST

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    Surely, that would imply that as you get significantly older, and lose brain
    cells, you'd become more and more interested in pop music- but don't tastes
    generally become more sophisticated with age?


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    > Subject: Music !!
    > Hi all,
    > Reading a newspaper, I found this,
    > Music,
    > Listening to classical music demands more of the brain
    > Preference for classical music or pop has something to do with
    > the power of the brain.
    > Says Dr. Raj Persaud of the Maudsley Hospital in London.
    > Persaud established by patients with demention, by whom the power of
    > the brain decreased that they bend their preference for classic to pop.
    > And not the other way round.
    > In other words:- the appreciation of classical music demands more of the
    > brain.
    > " You need more grey cells to appreciate classical music and not so
    > much to appreciate popmusic; when you loose some grey cells, musical
    > taste changes accordingly " says Persaud, who for his claim can count
    > upon the support of many other scientists.
    > ( Belga)
    > Would this be of some interest to the list !?
    > My first personal remark would be the following,
    > What would Persaud have told us about the song " Bohemian Rhapsody "
    > of the group Queen_ an evergreen combination of pop and classical music !?
    > Split brains !?
    > Best regards,
    > Kenneth
    > ( I am, because we are) pop- minded

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