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Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 23:25:26 BST

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    It is right that many of us probably lost a great many neurons during some recent years of our lives, probably due to the use and abuse of substances meant to enlarge our conscience. But in the meantime we studied a lot, remember.
    It is also probably true that people who have had very straight educations and behaviors are still in possession of more neurons in absolute value.
    a high proportion of our neuronal connection are used to code automatic sets of behaviors and reactions to stimuli or pre determined situations.
    So I should console myself by thinking that if 10% (wild guess) of my N neurons are still open to novelty and original thinking, I am better of than with twice N among which 99% are stuck up with stupid bourgeois memes.
    To be more serious, I think liking classical music merely requires training, and it adresses maybe less emotional, more intellectual functions of the brain.
    Like Lou Reed said :
    'I guess I'm just dumb, cause I knows I ain't smart
    But deep down inside, I got a rock'n'roll heart'.

    So have I, Lou.

    A bientot sur / see you soon on
    Tell your friends / parlez-en vos amis
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      From: Kenneth Van Oost
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      Subject: Music !!

      Hi all,

      Reading a newspaper, I found this,

      Listening to classical music demands more of the brain

              Preference for classical music or pop has something to do with
      the power of the brain.
      Says Dr. Raj Persaud of the Maudsley Hospital in London.
      Persaud established by patients with demention, by whom the power of
      the brain decreased that they bend their preference for classic to pop.
      And not the other way round.
      In other words:- the appreciation of classical music demands more of the

      " You need more grey cells to appreciate classical music and not so
      much to appreciate popmusic; when you loose some grey cells, musical
      taste changes accordingly " says Persaud, who for his claim can count
      upon the support of many other scientists.

                                                                                      ( Belga)

      Would this be of some interest to the list !?

      My first personal remark would be the following,
      What would Persaud have told us about the song " Bohemian Rhapsody "
      of the group Queen_ an evergreen combination of pop and classical music !?
      Split brains !?

      Best regards,


      ( I am, because we are) pop- minded

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