Re: sexual selection and memes

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 19:33:26 BST

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    Subject: Re: sexual selection and memes
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    Hi Vincent,
    I wrote,

    > > < Same argument here, though !
    > > Does he have to find, to know for that matter those individuals to make
    > > sure that his teachings did make it with time !?
    > > If he, for example should look at some of our societies and to what kind
    > > of laws we have, he should know that justice, equality, compassion
    > > and far more greater social structures find there bias in his teachings.
    > > If he should look at the " collective structures " he would find that
    > > legacy is still alive.>
    You wrote,
    > Perhaps, but with 2000 years worth of tranformation perhaps other
    > faiths may now be closer to what he originally intended. Would Jesus like
    > Women priests, or being pro-choice- or for that matter being
    > anti-contraception and pro-life? I'm not sure it's easy to work out what
    > Jesus really thought, which maybe part of the reason he persists in his
    > influence....

    << Of course and I agree !!
    History made a real mess about his teachings, not in the least adjusted
    them to its own likings.
    What he really thought would indeed not be easy to work out, but as
    far i can recall, the latest hypothesis, but by far the most controversive,
    is that Jesus was a member of the Cumran community.
    A gnostic club of men ( and I believe woman/ chilren were part of it
    tto but lived in another corner of the settlement) who believed that a
    king would return and set them free.
    The popular version of the facts telles us than the Qumran- community
    staged the whole thing themselves, and by doing that accomplished
    mainly two things,
    1_ getting the other Jews fight for their cause
    2_ getting the Romans angry.

    Both were neither seen as a bias for a new religion, though and neither
    both workd out as planned.
    Christianity was never Jesus' goal. Christianity is something of a later
    For all what matters, if jesus' thoughts were those as being the ones we
    could extract of what we know about Qumran and the way they lived
    there ( the Death- Sea- Roles are part of their legacy, in a way) even
    the Pope would have to admit that Jesus was nothing more than a com-
    mon guerrillia fighter, but one with a wonderful idea !!

    I can tell you another tale about what Christianity really is, but that is
    maybe for a later date and not relevent here.
    But if you are interested !?

    Best regards,


    ( I am, because we are) not so very original

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