Re: Study calls for MIT to improve mental care

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 16:17:21 BST

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    Subject: Re: Study calls for MIT to improve mental care
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    From: Vincent Campbell <>
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    Subject: RE: Study calls for MIT to improve mental care

    Without wanting to sound flippant, isn't there a basic problem in confirming
    that apparent suicides are actually suicides, and not accidental deaths?
    The throwaway description of the poor woman who set herself on fire made me
    think this. It's a rather unusual way to kill yourself isn't it? Are they
    sure it was deliberate? I suppose they must be...
    Sobering reports like these do put paid, a little at least, to the
    perception of America as a therapy-dependant society. It seems that there
    are plenty of people who need it but don't get it.

    Hi Vincent, Wade,

    << Another flip of the coin is that investigations in many disorders point
    out that psychological help is/ was in many cases not necessary.
    I mean, when a kid of 5 dies for whatever reason it is not necessary
    to send the whole school to the psi !!
    That is what happens many times over and IMO that is the wrong
    way to solve any problem.

    Instead of solving one suicide you get as many times info back which is
    not related to the suicide itself.
    People began in such circumstances to speak about ' personal ' problems
    which are regarded by most psi's as suicide related, but they are not !!!
    Ask one person a question of suicide and he/ she will answer in a
    thousand ways, but to conclure that he/ she has a trauma about the
    suicide involved is dangerous.

    The same thing can happen with kids victims of abuse.
    Ask them the ' right ' questions, and the world is a pedophile....
    Ask 1000 students about the suicide which happens at their university
    and the whole school is good for therapy.
    Here, in Belgium, the famous X1- files are a good example of such a
    mis- understanding.
    But that does not mean that those kids involved were not abused at all,
    just the " conclusions " were wrong interpretated.
    The consequence of course, is that nothing happened,....



    ( I am, because we are)

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