Re: sexual selection and memes

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Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 10:18:35 BST

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    I think because memes are not bound by having to produce two sexes in
    the way that genes are, it is much simpler for them to specialise to
    only be 'fit' in a male (or to only be noticeably expressed in a male,
    which I think is your point Vincent).

    > Hi Kenneth,
    > Reading Dugatkin's book, he's talking primarily about the role of memes in
    > mate choice, so I would guess that there are gender based/related genes at
    > least in the sense that Dugatkin is talking. Or perhaps it's that the same
    > meme affects genders in different ways?
    > > Hi Vincent,
    > >
    > > Just buzzin ' in here,
    > > Interesting topic !!
    > > Butta, doesn 't what you and Chris wrote mean that we can assume there
    > > are ' gender based memes ' !?
    > > I mean, can you assume a gender bias for memes !?
    > > After all, assuming that offspring receiving high male parental investment
    > > would mean ' receiving high male gender related memes ' does it not !?

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