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    Hi Scott Chase -

    >Did they mention the portrayal of embryonic development by Haeckel too? If
    >not, they should have.

    That was not one of the pictures in the lecture I attended, but, I do not
    know if it was not featured at all during the entire conference, but, as
    it happens, I just found out a friend of my girlfriend was there for the
    whole thing, so, I can find out.

    The pictures used in the lecture I attended were the 'man's progress'
    drawing, a photo of an atomic explosion, a photo of a in-utero fetus, a
    fMRI scan, a photo of Crick and Watson, and a photo of the earth as seen
    from the moon.

    Sontag called them celebrity images.

    Penrose discussed his subjective impressions of them.

    Wilson told us how he would draw constantly while studying ants.

    I found myself sighing the same sighs Sontag uttered, enjoying and loving
    Wilson even more, and wondering if all mathematicians are such sodden
    gits as Penrose appeared to be....

    - Wade

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