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    On 06/21/01 14:01, Lawrence DeBivort said this-

    >Could Rousseau's rosy portrayal of nature help provide a background meme for
    >Mary Shelley?
    It provided a background meme for the copy I have of Dennett's "Darwin's
    Dangerous Idea".

    Rousseau (indeed, almost all and any 'primitive' artist) provide very
    interesting memes, mostly in that non-arrogant way I appreciate,
    although, admittedly, psychosis may have replaced arrogance in not a few
    cases. There is a museum in Baltimore, MD (close to you, Lawrence),
    called the American Visionary Art Museum, which is a gallery of
    contemporary and recent primitives. I've been there twice, and recommend
    it to anyone traveling in that direction. (Although the last time I was
    in Baltimore, I had to forego my visit to the AVAM and head uptown to the
    library to attend a reading given by Samuel R. Delany, one of my favorite
    science-fiction authors, who was serendipitously in town.... So, I could
    have been there three times, since I've been to Baltimore three times.)

    - Wade

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