RE: World Language Losses at a Glance

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Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 23:15:47 BST

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    Hi Lawrence -

    >Wade, I suppose that spreading any meme by design is arrogant, and wonder
    >how we may help ensure we do so in a healthy, useful and respectful way....

    Yeah, putting most arrogances up to the wall could make it look like any
    intentional egression of ideas falls under their influence.

    And I can only speak personally about how and why and what a worthy
    (helpful, healthy, useful, respectful) meme might be, or how and why that
    helpfulness should be the only motive behind any expression, ever.

    (The abandonment of arrogance is about as buddha as it gets, this I of

    And, I will say that once one has cleaned out the cupboards inside
    oneself, there might remain some things very deeply kept, very real in
    the way they are known, and very brightly standing, that one could not
    ever abandon because they are lessons grown from profound failures -
    lessons from failures to help in one's past - lessons from failures to
    respond, or to love, or to comfort - as well as lessons from profound
    successes of response, and love, and comfort.

    Lessons from failures and successes of respect, mostly, and I move
    politically from respect to democracy and egalitarianism (and, perhaps if
    I were from another place and time, to communism). Thus I see such
    political teachings as bedrock humanitarian lessons, and would say that
    they are healthy, useful, and respectful, and only motivated by help.

    The lessons of the failures of theocracies and autocracies and
    aristocracies and anarchies and ideocracies lead to democracy, I think,
    historically and unerringly.

    As to how to move these lessons from one's individual heart to the common
    heart of all peoples- I return to first cleansing out the cupboards
    inside - finding those things left standing after bitter loss and
    miraculous strength, and then, sharing the image of that love.

    And it ain't easy. But it is real. It is the art of the heart, and it is
    the voice devoid of arrogance we all use to draw a child to the world,
    and the world to a child.

    - Wade

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