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    This line of thought considering martyrdom makes me wonder about what we
    might think of as the symbiotic relationships between emotional states with
    memeplexes. For instance certain categories of memes may have evolved in the
    context of triggering certain emotional states that serve the memes'
    competition for mind space. The extreme emotional state of a martyr is
    probably consciously expereinced in the context of a community (either
    physical or metaphysical) of which the martyr is a part. My guess is that it
    taps in to some hardwiring that is associated with parental protection of
    offspring, even at their own expense. The parents sense of "self" is extended
    to the offspring so that self destruction to insure the survival of the
    offspring works. It could be that this parental programing around this
    extended sense of self is expanded to a even larger sense of self that is
    associated with a community with which they profoundly identify. And
    superordinant to the biology all of this is actually inservice to
    preservation of memeplexes.

    This line of thought also lead me to wonder is there is a category of memes
    that might be considered "memeplex busters". Something akin to lightening
    that starts forest fires that are a part of an evolving biome.


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