RE: Familiar images make false impressions

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Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 13:35:13 BST

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    On 06/21/01 07:52, Vincent Campbell said this-

    >Perhaps what we see in myths,
    >[are] stories pretty much reduced to this core set [of] ideas.

    Well, of course, this is neo-jungism, and newage mythologists, following
    Campbell, love it.

    The hero, or heroine, after all, cannot be heroic without opposition. And
    there are only so many plots....

    >Certainly the
    >Frankenstein story has been through so many incarnations that the original
    >story is probably the least familiar to people.

    Yes, however.... Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley _did_ want to impress people
    with the inherent misguidedness of taking away too much from nature, and
    it does seem like the core of her argument is not lost, even in the
    cartoon versions using Karloff copies.

    A great deal of the anti-science bias in this day and age relates to this
    perceived evil of tinkering with nature, even while people groom their

    - Wade

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