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Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 19:01:48 BST

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    Hi Robin Faichney -

    >> I always viewed mooning as pretty much a display reflex, like that of
    >> baboons.
    >And that's how you display your contempt.

    Contempt, fear, objection, all of that. And it does seem primal to me,
    and, often, helped by group dynamics- the 'show-off' in the crowd will be
    the one to first do it, the pretend alpha-male, mostly.

    Mind you, it's not how _I_ display my contempt, nor has it ever been.

    My standard call to soap-boxers, for instance, is 'drop your pants!'.
    Sometimes it irks them, sometimes they ignore it, but mostly, they
    stumble slightly in their rant. I want them aware that I disagree, that I
    ain't a threat because of my disagreement, and that I want more
    entertainment than I'm getting.

    - Wade

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