La memetique a-t-elle change votre vie / Has memetics changed your life ?

From: Pascal Jouxtel (
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 09:00:10 BST

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    Subject: La memetique a-t-elle change votre vie / Has memetics changed your life ?
    Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 10:00:10 +0200
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    Hello, friends.

    My name is Pascal. I am a french memeticist (are their any others ?). I try
    to write as good an english as I can, but if any of you are french-speaking,
    (as I have noticed Vincent is, on the Bourdieu issue), they might
    occasionnally help me convey some subtleties. The job I live on (since I am
    not a university researcher) is consulting for large companies, and
    especially fostering mass cultural and behavioral changes. But this is not
    today's issue.

    I would like to make a quick survey among people interested in memetics. If
    you care to give a short answer, this will allow me to make the question
    more precise.

    My hypothesis is that once you start thinking memetics, your world view
    cannot be the same anymore. If you follow Susan Blackmore's reasoning, your
    idea of the self is changed. If you follow Richard Brodie (Hi, Richard if
    you are reading this) it even can lead you to a further development of your
    You probably have noticed that most authors on the subject end their books
    by a very dizzying 'facing-mirrors-like' reflexion about 'how we are going
    to live, now that we know '.

    So to come to the point, my question is :

    'Since you started to know about memetics, how has your inner life changed ?
    Do you behave differently ? Do you relate to others differently ? Do you
    practice 'weeding' ?'

    Thank you for any contributions.
    A bientot sur / see you soon on (french memetics website)
    Tell your friends / parlez-en vos amis

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