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Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 14:39:17 BST

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    > Is this an example of a more general type of behavior?
    > Once someone breaks a taboo (temporarily) as a provocative
    > act of defiance. Its observers and bystanders, perhaps en masse,
    > imitate the actor and as such break the taboo as well.
    > A memetic avalanche effect by means of taboo-breaking?

    Good call - it's like those frenzy scenes in films where a bag of money
    has been cast to the four winds, then someone starts grabbing (money
    that isn't theirs) and soon everyone dives in. The opposite would be
    where thirty people watch someone drown without moving, because everyone
    held the belief that someone else (presumably better suited than them)
    would do something.

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