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Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 13:45:21 BST

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    On 06/15/01 03:21, Metascience said this-

    >The act of mooning may have various meanings:
    >1. a prank
    >2. a provocation against sexual norms
    >3. an expression of contempt.
    >In the 1987 study, mooning was just a childish prank. Yesterday in
    >Gothenburg, it was certainly an expression of contempt.
    >Sociologists would argue that the word, the act, and its meaning are
    >strongly tied together. Most memeticists probably agree that these three
    >spread together as a meme complex.
    >The meme may get its fitness from pushing a sexual button, according to
    >Brodie's theory (2).

    I always viewed mooning as pretty much a display reflex, like that of

    - Wade

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