Re: LSE lecture on memes - meme posse?

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Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 11:07:41 BST

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    Seems to be a lot happening this week. Dan Dennett was on the Radio 4
    prog Start the Week this morning, talking about the lecture he's giving
    at the LSE tomorrow night, which I believe is one of a series. I missed
    much of the prog due to having to take a couple of phone calls, but a
    condensed version is repeated tonight 9.30-10.00. Next week's prog has de
    Waal, whose name has come up here recently. This is an excellent show,
    and it might well be available to those who can't get Radio 4, via the
    BBC website ( One of its best points is the discussion
    between people coming from very different disciplines and backgrounds.
    As well as Dennett, this morning, there was the historian Lady Antonia
    Fraser talking about Marie Antoinette (sp?). Who never said "Let them
    eat cake"! I wonder why that meme is so successful?

    Robin Faichney
    Inside Information -- -- "a prime source of meta-memes"

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